Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Honoring Your Mom and Your Internal Blogger

There are days that I turn to myself and go... dammit boy - must you ALWAYS have the attention span of a gnat? (And Bernie, laugh with me on this - I have heard the expression "personality of a pinecomb" percolate up in my mind as well... if you do not remember that reference - I'll remind you someday of what you said it in reference to!) And yes I ended that and many other blog sentences on a preposition!

I have these ideas about epic blog entries - like the continuation of my Thanksgiving trip - but then days pass, and life spills over onto a new canvas - and the story is over before it began. I may return to that trip again in the future - but it has been almost a week, and my brain has passed through a flu and now is in hyper manic mode to "clear up some fog" before the end of the year.

So Onto Our Bowdawg Guest of the DAY... My MOM!!

You all may remember last year how I mom's birthday card in my bag on the 9th and did not get it in the mail on time so I had all of you comment to wish her HAPPY B-DAY on my blog. (By the way - that was one of my favorite moments on the original bowdawg blog... and the most comments I ever got on one post. Then we all know that with the incident of the a$$hole we so lovingly called the intruder - well... that wiped out the original Bowdawg blog and my whole cyber world got wrecked and rearranged.

This year - the lady who put up with my nine months of kicking in scratching in her belly, celebrates her *S#TA&TIC%~~INTERFERENCE~~ year of life on earth and we all bid her glad tidings as she remembers popping out of her nine month stint in her mom's womb!

Well - I did mail mom's card Monday (Wednesday is her birthday - that is pretty darn prompt for my slack self) but I think since my whole original blog got nuked we can do a quick remix for her again. Sooooooo - Let me step over to my magic editing booth... Heeeeeeeeeere's Nancy's greeting clip:


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Bernie said...

personality of a pinecone......I definitely remember the phrase, but am having trouble putting it in context. I look forward to your assistance.

More importantly I'm glad you remembered mom's b-day in time this year. You're magic editing booth does great work. I trust it made Nancy's day!