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Hey, looks like my boy can compose a well written political letter. Posted by my John on MySpace:

Monday, March 24, 2008

Letter to my Senator
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If I were ever to get into politics, my rhetoric would probably sound something like this.

Dear Senator McCain:

Unfortunate recent events between China and the formerly independent and completely sovereign nation of Tibet have once again brought China’s illegal and absolutely immoral occupation of Tibet onto our front pages.

For over fifty years now China has asserted a legal right to occupy Tibet which is justified by a distorted revisionist view of centuries of Asian history. The claim that China is a benevloent neighbor whose aim is to modernize and improve life for the average Tibetan can be easily debunked when looking at how Tibetan citizens have fared during the half-century occupation of their country. The Chinese Communist Government’s systematic attempt to commit cultural genocide as evidenced by the desecration and reappropriation of all aspects of Tibetan culture including their religion, language and complex societal structure should be absolutely and 100% repugnant to any society and government that supports, and is in fact founded upon, the priciples that certain fundamental liberties and unalienable rights exist for all citizens within their own nation.

When an agressive and dangerous nation seeks to invade and enslave the indigenous people of another soverign state; to kill its population; to destroy its institutions of worship; to burn texts and books that contain its language; and summarily invalidate the proper ruling athority chosen by its own people in order to steal valuable natural resources and land for the invaders’ burgeoning population - this is something free nations must condemn as immoral and demand restitution for the injured parties up to and including a withdrawl of the invader back into its own boundaries as the United States strongly and without hesitation pointed out to the Iraqi regime that invaded Kuwait whose actions eventually culminated in the First Persian Gulf War.

And yet, until the recent visit of Speaker Pelosi with the Dalai Lama in India, the United States has been officially silent regarding this illegal Chinese occupation of Tibet.

Senator McCain, as you seek to become the leader of what we call the free world, it is my hope that you find some way to look at this situation for what it is and speak to it in a way that, while respecting the very complicated economic relationship the United States has unfortunately built with this corrupt Chinese regime, also reflects the solid moral leadership that has forged so many alliances for the United States worldwide and kept us as the secure superpower over the past 100 years.

The past 7 years have shown the risk we take when our foreign policy is subjected to economic interests at the expense of our moral values. The United States, and the world in general, is a much more unsafe place than where we were less than a decade ago due in large part to this unfortunate and embarassingly transparent change in our foreign policy. You have an opportunity, using your own strong moral character and straight talk, to lead the United States into the second decade of 2000 as a respected superpower once again. I urge you not to miss this opportunity.

Thank you for your time.


John Pelletier
Sedona AZ

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SedonaLuke said...

Excellent, well-said and worth saying. John should send it to the Red Rock News as a letter to the Editor.